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My House.

Since we decided to make our big move a few months back our daughter Blake has been the real champion. She has gone with the flow of change, staying at her grandparents, friends and other families houses, finding a new day to day with her daycare and having her routine powerfully shifted from Denver to Eagle. She has taught me it's ok to be totally adaptable one day and have a complete meltdown the next. Change brings up lots of feelings and the need for grounding.

This last week we closed on our new home in Eagle. Words can't really describe how grounding and rewarding it feels to put stuff away in your own kitchen cabinets and then to set up Blake's crib in her own room.

I walked in yesterday after a run, James and Blake were dancing to Pocahontas and he made my favorite paleo pancakes in our kitchen. I took a quick screenshot in my mind to remember these powerfully simple moments.

Blake then ran up to me "Mommy, Mommy - My house, My house". Then she grabs my hand and says "Come, Come Mommy, My room".

My house. Who would have thought that those 2 simple words could carry so much power. Having a stable home is something I will never take for granted and yes my sweet Blake not only is this your house, but your Mommy and Daddy are very proud that the mountains are your home.

Morning run views from Eagle.