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I am a BA Mountain Mama.

Oh hey there, December 31st. With the last 3 months being a complete whirlwind of change for myself and my family I haven't had the time to truly process the significant and powerful change we just made up to the mountains.

In the weeks of unpacking I have found 3 journals that I started the last 2 years while living in Denver. At the top of every journal heading it said "I am a BA Mountain Mama". I chuckle that I wrote BA instead of full bad ass here (must be the Mom in me) - but I wrote it in the tense that I am exactly that person. BA mean't that I live this mountain life to it's fullest every day, I take risks to start my own brand and I operate from a place of abundance.

Come to find out on December 31st this year, I am that person.

I am firm believer in journaling every single day. Not only what you are grateful for, but the goals and dreams that you have - writing them as if they have already happened. There is power in me that unlocked when I started to narrow my focus and begin each day with intention in how I am going to make the dreams happen.

As you approach the new year, commit to it - write down 3 things every day that you want to make happen and write it in the tense that is already has happened.

Can't wait to share my 2020 list of 3 on December 31st next year - Write it, believe it and achieve it.

Live the life you envisioned.