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This is much more than a support group,

this is your empowerment group.


Fertility + Flow is a Vail Valley based community group that supports couples not only in the mountains but all over who have been effected or are currently going through fertility hardships.


Let's learn how to trust our body and our journeys together. 



Hi, I'm Claire. I am a mother of my  2 year old daughter Blake. Like so many that have dealt with infertility, I didn't always think that I would be parent.


My husband James and I struggled with infertility for over 2 years. After years of doctors appointments, tears and fertility medication, the  gratitude I have now being a Mom is unmeasured. 

As I navigated this journey the first time I forgot all the tools I have in my toolbox: Yoga, breath, journalling and community. 

It has been my dream to create not a support group, but an empowerment group that supports couples who have or who are currently  going through fertility hardships. This space is a vulnerable one - a place where you love on your body, break down, build back up and connect together. 

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Experience  gentle and kind yoga flows and healing meditation. Feel held by movement and remind yourself how powerful your body is when you move it mindfully.  

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When you say "I wish I just had one person who understands what this feels like". This group is here to encourage you to share openly and powerfully. Let's share the moments of grief and hope together. Know that I see you, and many others do too.

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Infertility is hard. 

Writing down how you are feeling when you are not able to express it in words out loud can be healing. Join our group as we connect on guided journalling to support your mental well being.