Hi, I'm Claire.

What do brand strategy and yoga have in common? They are rooted in connection.

It is human connection that gets me out of bed every morning, and the daily question of, “What can I refine in my life to better understand others?” whether in building their brand or supporting their breath on their yoga mat.

I spend my days finding ways individuals can explore the relationship between who they are and how that connects with their mind and body. Most importantly, the power that exists within yourself — once that is unlocked.

That unlock came for me when my worlds collided.  

After digging deep, I discovered that I can fuse what makes me feel most alive, a Yoga Instructor & Brand Builder. Yes, you can be a little bit of everything you want in life. Well, I guess the most alive title I have is Mom. As a Mamma to a toddler I see life in the beautifully messy and I am inspired to support Moms with all journeys- their fitness, wellness and marketing  journeys.


Let's get brand and body fit together.